Not only was I able to see Elizabeth at the last minute, but it was truly divine timing meeting with her. Elizabeth is so gifted and   I can tell by her vibes that she’s truly loving and genuine inside and out. She goes above and beyond in what she does, and is a TRUE light worker. I feel like a   new person and my soul is SOO  uplifted. Doing inner work alone sometimes is not possible when our mind, body, soul is blocked. She will definitely help you bring up any feelings that may be from past lives, childhood etc.. She may also pick up on body pains you experience. Either way, she is definitely in tuned and addresses every part of your concerns (even ones we may have kept hiding inside us all).    It was remarkable and I am so thankful. Everyone may have a different experience, and I can only speak for myself, but Elizabeth is definitely a beautiful creative soul and  I am truly inspired by her. Thank you so much Elizabeth!

– Mei