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Elizabeth is of Native American Sioux, Chippewa descent from her father, and English descent from her mother. Raised by her Grandparents in Cheshire, England.

Upon arrival in America, Elizabeth began pursuing the practices of her ancestral and cultural beliefs. These themes can be seen through her artwork, portraying Native Americans as proud and strong.

Living in Sedona for the past 25 years she has performed thousands of healing sessions, guiding each individual to emotional freedom. Her passion to touch and heal the soul has been evident in the amazing breakthroughs that she has facilitated, experienced, and witnessed.

Elizabeth’s work explores the freedom within us all, awakening the undaunted spirit and allowing us to reach our full potential.


“Love needs no defense”.

In understanding this, ask yourself: what are you defending yourself from? Often we find the very thing we desire, we are defending ourselves from, thus keeping it away! Elizabeth will guide you back to Love by helping you Release whatever stands between your Happiness, Confidence, Security, Oneness, Success, Lovingness, Openness, Value, Self-Worth & Self-Love, and  FREEDOM!

What she teaches is that those feelings of aloneness, lacking Love, lacking security, and lacking oneness was learned through the conditioning of fear! Let go of resentments, past hurts, anger, hatred, disapproval, judgment, grief, and pride. Holding on to these things keeps us separate & blocks the sunlight of the spirit from shining through us! This is your story that you have to bring back to Love! 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Elizabeth has had the privilege to have worked with amazing people throughout the years. She has helped many clients during challenging and uncertain times, such as a loss of a job, family matters, divorce, loneliness, financial insecurities, and depression. Guiding you toward Happiness and Success is her goal. 

She uses I-ching cards, Runes, Reiki, Sound healing, Chakra Balancing, Vision Pictures, and Aura Art during her sessions. She also offers Native American Ceremonies & Vortex Tours. For more information on Elizabeth’s services, click here.

I-Ching Readings are available for specific questions.  To find out more about I-Ching, watch her video.

“Resisting the now always creates suffering” – Eckhart Tolle

A  touch of emotion and the spirit of love flow through all of Elizabeth Silk’s art, communicating unspoken, soul-felt words.

Elizabeth studied at the Laird School of Art, Wallasey Art College, and Liverpool Polytechnic.  Her art was shown in and around the United States and Europe, including at the prestigious Liverpool Art Gallery. Since the mid-1990s, she has lived in Sedona, where many artists are concentrated because of the energy that is so conducive to creativity. Her style changed dramatically upon being introduced to Sedona, from stoic to free, by a message she received when struggling with what to promote: “Do what you love, with only love in mind, and people will want to buy it.” The first year, it proved to be so. Tourists loved Elizabeth’s work and were moved so deeply that they wished to meet her personally, and it is always an honor and a privilege.