Spiritual Counselor & Fine Artist

Let Elizabeth Silk heal your body, mind, and spirit among earth’s nurturing landscapes. Experiencing spiritual freedom through energy healing, drumming, card readings, clearing, releasing, and other services.

You Deserve Happiness.

“Life is meant to be Enjoyed not Endured!”

I invite you to experience spiritual and emotional freedom for a better life, providing a safe environment for intimate energy healing and allowing yourself to let go of limiting beliefs and unhealthy attachments. Release fear, anxiety, and depression separating you from your authentic self. Together we will use various methods unique to your healing journey. Some of the services I provide include tribal ceremonies, emotional releasing, energy points, vision pictures, sound healing, drumming, smudging, clearing, and Reiki. Experience my healing practices in a variety of spiritual locations such as; the Buddhist Stupa (Peace Park), Thunder Mountain Cave, Cathedral Rock (Riverfront), the Red Rocks (with a Tibetan singing bowl), and more. Connect with me in trust and I will assist you by giving you tools to free you from the bondage of Self and experience true freedom!

"Elizabeth is a Hidden Gem or more like a ? experience was beyond expectation. I highly recommend her for Value. we need more Elizabeth's in this ?"

Norka Hernandez
Concord, CA

"The shaman healing with Elizabeth was one of my most favorite activities that I participated in while visiting Sedona! It was healing and profound, and Elizabeth makes you feel like you're at home from the very first introduction ? She is so kind and beautiful, inside and out. You can really tell that she loves to help people, and she helped me so much! I felt lighter and happier and more fulfilled after my session with her. If you're looking for a profound experience in Sedona, you should definitely do this healing session with her ☺️"

Amanda White
North Carolina, U.S.

"Elizabeth is very personable. She seemed to understand what I needed and the experience was eye opening beyond What I had hoped. As you go through your walk, Elizabeth's abilities are evident. Her sessions go beyond the moment to ensure this experience moves beyond the moment into continued growth. I would share my walk, but it was very emotional and personal. Also, I'm sure each person's experience would truly be their own and unique to their needs. Highly recommend!!"

Elvira Jefferson
Belton, TX

"FABULOUS! My daughter and I were looking forward to this healing experience and it ended up one of our top experiences in Sedona. Elizabeth is a wise wise lady. Her words, rituals, and genuineness touched our souls. Such an inspiring, beautiful, personal experience. Thank you!"

Patti Rumsey
Mission Hills, KS

"Elizabeth was AMAZING. I was a little nervous about going to this as I am new to the whole spiritual thing. But she really helped us see that we are enough and love is the most powerful force. Even if you aren't a spiritual person, you can still get so much good out of the us experience She is so motivational and a beautiful soul. If you have a few hours you can spare - I promise you this is time we'll spent! I will be heading back to NYC with a much clearer mind and more sure of myself than I have ever been."

Michelle Popelka
New York, NY

"Meeting Elizabeth was the highlight for our best friend trip! Everything exceeded our expectations. Elizabeth is truly special- she is talented in her work and helped us to heal and grow spiritually. We learned more about Sedona and that energy that lives here. Don't hesitate to book this experience."

Tiffany Frankovic
Tacoma, WA

"I was drawn to Elizabeth for a reason. She knew exactly what I needed before I sat down it felt like. I had hoped to visit the vortexes but the weather has been sporadic, her wellness space did not disappoint or take away from the experience. Elizabeth is a beautiful light and shines bright enough for you to find your switch and turn your light on as well. ?"

Tatiana Hairston
United States

"literally the most amazing experience. elizabeth is everything. she's literally one the kindest souls i've ever met. she's super intuitive, gentle, caring, and knowledgeable. i will be going to her every time i visit sedona. she made my trip worth it. 5/5 stars!"

Kemi O
Los Angeles, CA

"This was an amazing experience! I didn't have any expectations as this was our first time experiencing anything like this. My partner and I are both so happy we did this. We felt so much lighter and happier afterwards. We both felt Elizabeth truly spoke to our inner beings and deepest thoughts. I highly recommend and we look forward to seeing her again."

Ebonie Ravenell
Durham, NC

"This was such a beautiful experience! I highly recommend for those that are wanting to feel and understand the meaning of true energy work. Elizabeth is so warm and welcoming. She was an incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable guide. And now ever after, I feel empowered to continue the spiritual journey."

Marilyn Ordorica
San Diego, CA

"I was able to feel safe enough to be vulnerable and for that alone, I am grateful! She was able to truly "see" me despite only chatting with me for a few minutes. Everything far exceeded my expectations! I loved participating in a modality that was new to me. I felt honored to be in the medicine wheel. Because I felt seen throughout the entire experience, I felt comfortable enough to lean into everything. She even knew when to push me further than I was allowing myself. The singing bowls were also an amazing moment for me as well. I feel like a totally new person."

Micole Trimmer
Oklahoma City, OK

"Elizabeth was incredible. It was such a beautiful and unique experience and I highly recommend!"

Heidi Houdek
Leander, TX

"Fantastic experience. Came in expecting very little and was absolutely blown away with Elizabeth! A must do in Sedona!"

Francesca Dennis
Austin, TX

"Elizabeth exudes positive, welcoming energy. I felt like we knew each other forever. This experience brought me comfort I was seeking and she really listened. Elizabeth AND the location are just magical."

Sara Bellefleur
Roseville, MI

"Fantastic self reflective and healing experience. Elizabeth was clearly put on this earth to reach people on this level. Beautiful location and so grounding. Perfect experience for Sedona!"

Danse & Joe Sheridan
Wilmington, NC

"Very powerful healing."

Paul Marciano
Flemington, NJ

"Wonderful experience! Elizabeth is amazing. Beautiful serene location. Great communication. Highly recommend!"

Selena Magalotti
Willoughby, OH

"Elizabeth was a wonderful host with a knowing sense about her. She made sure we enjoyed our time and really allowed us the space for healing and presence! Thank you again, Elizabeth!"

Cara Boggs
United States

"This experience with Elizabeth was absolutely amazing! The feelings of this experience are hard to put into words. I just have to say that you have to feel it for yourself."

Kelly Dunivan
Killeen, TX

"Our experience with Elizabeth was a beautiful way to close our trip in Sedona. It felt spiritual, therapeutic, and unique Elizabeth has a wise and genuine spirit and I appreciated how much she tailored the experience to us. Thank you, Elizabeth!"

Shannon Sarthou
New York, NY

















full day healing session (group: 4 6 persons)





infrared sweat lodge



Infrared Sweat Lodge




Native Wedding Ceremony



Empower Yourself, Release Fear and Trauma

Fear is separation.

Love is oneness.

Find happiness and contentment within you. I will help you release fear, anxiety, and emotional trauma. Oneness is our true nature, which is LOVE.


Desire with God/Good

When you believe in yourself the world believes in you! When you love, honor and value yourself, that is what you’ll receive!

Lacking security is lacking faith, value, and worth. A lack of belief in yourself and others ultimately brings a lack of faith in God.

Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional!

“Suffering is our resistance to what is…” – Ekhart Tolle.

Fears and emotional traumas are stories… it’s the energy behind these stories and the decision to let them go.

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