Client Testimonials

I loved helping each of you on your spiritual journey!

I met Elizabeth last year and was very hesitant on my   first tarot card reading .  She immediately made me feel comfortable and was able to intuitively speak  to numerous  aspects of my life within minutes. A 15 minute session turned into 30 minute session.   I went back to her a second time this year and she again was able to provide a peek into the past, current and future.  I brought my friend as well this time and she was shocked by Elizabeth’s ability to pinpoint key milestones in her  life recent and far. Elizabeth does a ton of research within each of her practices and it truly shows through each interaction. Highly recommend her!

– Samantha

While spending time in Arcosanti and Sedona,  I was  in need of divine feminine energy and a healing and she gave me both and more. The reading was very affirming and gave clarity to what I was seeking. She held my hands and helped me recite affirmations to myself until they integrated energetically. It was my first time working with runes, and the messages they had were very divine for my life. She sent me on my way with pieces of her artwork and inspiration that has stayed with me till today. Sometimes we need a guide to remind us who we already are, and Elizabeth was just that when I needed it. I highly recommend her for energy work and readings!

– Imani

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. When I tell you that Elizabeth was so kind, so thoughtful and so insightful, that would be an understatement. She also provided much needed clarity and was able to see right through the issues without any input from my end and by the end had me crying (in happiness) to finally have some peace and direction. Worth a visit!

– Tiffany

When I read Elizabeth’s bio online, I was drawn to her and I am so glad I met her. She has a very unique and unexpected healing approach and it worked! I felt lighter after our session and she really shifted me for the better. I highly recommend her and wish my friends and acquaintances have a session with her for a better life!

– Karina

I was able to get an appointment with Elizabeth as a last minute treat on my trip to Sedona. She is a beautiful spirit that brings immediate calm to the space. She took the time to dig in and has a deeply therapeutic quality to her work in a very non-threatening manner – you want to  open up to her. Elizabeth got to the root of what brought me in and as cards & runes were interpreted. the alignment that came through was  spot on. If you want a beautiful experience, Elizabeth will give you that.

– Margot

First Time  I was seeing a psychic and I was not disappointed. Not a tea pot and card lady by and stretch. No fluff, she  does great energy work and elevates your vibration. She tells you what’s going on and answers your questions in a way that allows you to take action. I resonated 100% with her reading and will go back again.

– Misan

My daughter and I met with Elizabeth individually on a much needed retreat to Sedona in July. Our appointments were for Aura   readings, but we received so much more than that. The portraits she created in response to the readings she did will be cherished reminders of a wonderful experience.

– Jill

She was absolutely amazing! She went above and beyond for me! Not only did she draw my aura and give me a great reading, but she gave me a technique that I was able to use the next day. What a healing experience! I highly recommend her!

– Brianna

I knew immediately  upon  meeting Elizabeth that it was serendipitous. The universe proved me right. Elizabeth did an incredible healing ceremony with me on the vortex. I strongly recommend  her to every friend that goes to Sedona. Elizabeth is a woman full of strength knowledge and passion, and a desire to uplift everyone she comes in contact with.

– Juli

Am I a firm believer in readings? No. Do I get them done regularly?  Also no. I do however believe in energy healing around us and consider myself spiritual. With that being said, I found my way to a photo filled binder located inside a “crystal shop” named “New Age” in Sedona. Within the binder, I found Elizabeth! We met for about 20 minutes and she was really genuine. There was no crystal ball to be found, lol. She did however give me affirmations of what I wanted and needed to hear. I had a great time and I would recommend her to any friend. She also recommended reading material – how lovely! Go check her out when you are out there! Thanks Elizabeth!

– Amanda

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. As Elizabeth gazes   deep into your eyes, she works like a warden who holds the key to your spiritual freedom. In one session, she released the chains that bound me to a traumatic childhood and a spiritually and emotionally abusive family.  I am now like a caged bird, that has finally been set free. It is time for me to soar. Thank you Elizabeth for holding the key and opening the door. I am forever grateful.

– Ann

The minute I  met Elizabeth, I knew she was special. Her beautiful art  was there  and showed   her passion for life. While we were talking, she drew in pastels a fabulous rendering of me that I still have hung in my office! You are one of a kind. Much love and thank you.

– Betty

I found Elizabeth to be both spiritual, yet down to earth—precisely what you want in a healer and guide. I was a newbie, completely unfamiliar with her practice, but found her to be engaging, respectful, and very adept at reading my energy and helping me connect to my higher self. She struck that “just right” balance of knowing when to be blunt and when to be soft. The integration of her artist-quality drawings of me in her work was very unique and allowed me to take home a memento to contemplate as I continue on my path. I received great insight from Elizabeth and will travel to see her again. Thank you, Elizabeth!! I have such wonderful memories of our visit and I do intend to be back. I wish you all the best on your path and in your continued service to others!

– Erika

I had a reading with Elizabeth yesterday and I love her  positive energy. I scheduled for 15 minutes yet she didn’t rush. She started with clearing  my energies and then she  did card readings. Her card reading was spot on. What I really loved is that at the end, she sends you a picture of the cards and their individual meaning. It  really was a pleasure.

– Emma

Not only was I able to see Elizabeth at the last minute, but it was truly divine timing meeting with her. Elizabeth is so gifted and   I can tell by her vibes that she’s truly loving and genuine inside and out. She goes above and beyond in what she does, and is a TRUE light worker. I feel like a   new person and my soul is SOO  uplifted. Doing inner work alone sometimes is not possible when our mind, body, soul is blocked. She will definitely help you bring up any feelings that may be from past lives, childhood etc.. She may also pick up on body pains you experience. Either way, she is definitely in tuned and addresses every part of your concerns (even ones we may have kept hiding inside us all).    It was remarkable and I am so thankful. Everyone may have a different experience, and I can only speak for myself, but Elizabeth is definitely a beautiful creative soul and  I am truly inspired by her. Thank you so much Elizabeth!

– Mei

Elizabeth was very sweet with a kind energy. She helped me understand some deeper emotions that I was holding on to. it was like talking to a close friend. Great advice and comforting.

– Mona

Absolutely love Elizabeth’s energy and positive support and guidance. She has a gift and I would highly recommend her! I can’t wait to see her again next time I visit Sedona!

– Jessie

Elizabeth was amazing! I really connected with her on another level! My entire family felt loving healing vibes. We all did some great healing with her and we will be back.

– Andrea

Elizabeth was warm and welcoming and made us feel so comfortable. Her reading was spot on and even helped us with internal problems. We will definitely be going back when we go to Sedona.

– Liana

Quick, sign up before her slots get taken. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to work with this amazing talented skilled woman. She’s wonderfully compassionate. I have had the great pleasure to work with her in Sedona. Forever grateful.

– Jamey