A.R.T. Weekend Retreat


Retreat Details:

  • Retreat operating every mid-month (check back for dates)
  • Meeting Location:
  • Full accommodation for each guest
  • Fully catered, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Gifts of power animal scrolls and cards featuring the art of Elizabeth Silk.


Day 1:


Revealing and full transparency, allowing oneself to be seen! Facing Fears, facing all separation, feelings of pride, hurt, trauma stories, accountability, ownership, and responsibility.

Delving into all apparent adversaries; judgments, resentments, anger, hatred, repressed anger, all disapproval of Self and others.

Wanting to change the past, wanting to change them, and self-hurt. Blame, Shame, Guilt.


Experience the release from these concepts throughout the day as we visit these important Sedona healing locations like the Stuppa and Medicine Wheel.

Day 2:

Releasing on everything! Letting go of any resistance.

Allowing freedom from suffering, the bondage of Self! Continue releasing until free.

We will visit the Cathedral via Cresent moon ranch park (by the river)

Day 3:

Creating the future you deserve.

In the now! Which comes from knowing you deserve it and allowing it in!

Manifesting the life you desire, seeing it as already happened, experiencing how it feels to be there now.

The day involves visiting Munds Park with a cold sit in the fresh Mountain spring

Be as free as you feel comfortable.

Booking Notes:

  • In the purchase note please add any accommodations due to allergies specific to you

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