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Half Day Session

This half day session will hopefully blow your mind like it did to a lot of my clients and I guarantee you that you will be feel lighter and clearer after the session. This is my goal anyways. I want this moment to become a change, a shift in your life for the better and I will help you! Whatever your situation  is.

This Moderate Intensive  Session includes Vision Picture, Readings including Runes & I-Ching, Energy Healing, Releasing, Smudging, Clearing with Sage & Sweetgrass, Indoor Sweat Lodge/Infrared Sauna.

We will spend some magical time in amazing places such as at the Medicine Wheel, Stuppa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Canyon Vortexes.

Experience Sedona’s Vortexes, with sound healing, energy work, chanting, drumming, meditating and Really feel energy!!! Hear your higher self, Intuit with trusting yourself. Physician Heal Thyself, You Too can do these things…. Jesus. Our greatest teacher in loving it all!

I will provide Lunch, Fruits, Coconut Water & Snacks can be served too.

Say YES to it all! In doing so, you are letting go of RESISTANCE, that which you resist persists!

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Fee = $380

I also  offer a full day healing session. Please view here for more details.

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