In my studio at the Centre of New Age in Sedona, I engage in a personal journey within! Most everyone experiences a sense of safety and a feeling of total comfort, allowing for an emotional breakthrough in letting go of fear and returning to love. This can include a vision picture (aura picture) which evokes whatever is going on within to reveal and release.

I also organize Native American Ceremony and Vortex Tours in Sedona.

Mystic / Intuitive / Spiritual Counselor & Visionary Artist

I have many years of experience as a Love Coach, Mystic / Spiritual Counselor and Visionary Artist. I use I-ching cards, Runes, Reiki, Sound healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura Art. I-Ching Readings are available for specific questions. The highest form of divination are the I-ching! Over three thousand years old and THE most accurate form of future telling! Accepted as a high form of Truth by such people as Carl Yung!
Call +1 928-202-0405 or Book Online for your session. Available for phone readings: Skype & Facetime.

Native American Ceremony

I have had many wonderfully powerful sessions here! The energy level is intensified by the sacred wheel and the Thunder Mountain beings energy. Here I do energetic healing, sound healing, Releasing and drumming for a profound experience!  Discover Your Power and totem animal(s) during the ceremony.

Vortex Tours

Experience Sedona’s Vortexes, with sound healing, energy work, chanting, drumming, meditating and Really feel energy!!! Hear your higher self, Intuit with trusting yourself. Physician Heal Thyself, You Too can do these things…. Jesus. Our greatest teacher in loving it all!

Infrared Sauna

Indoor Sweat lodge. Infrared is Extremely Healing for Arthritis, High/Low blood pressure, Circulation, Viruses & many more things including Covid 19 because of the intense heat!  A Sweat lodge is representative of the womb, letting go of fear and pain whilst inside and the feeling of rebirth when you emerge!