United States, 86336, Sedona, Arizona 431 State Route 179 A-8

Elizabeth Silk Fine Art Gallery

431 State Route 179 A-8
Sedona, AZ. 86336

Located in the character district of Sedona in the Hozho Shops

Instagram: @elizabethsilk_galleries

One Kind Of An Art

Elizabeth has a unique style that has been described as “ethereal”.  Most of Elizabeth’s paintings are spiritually inspired. Elizabeth’s passion to reach and touch the soul is apparent in the intensity that is reflected in the eyes of her spirits and animals. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Love, compassion, pride, despair, anger, fear, introspection, understanding, intimacy, passion and freedom – all are explored in Elizabeth’s creations. Careful attention is paid to evoke a unique response from every individual that casts eyes upon her work. The complexity of human emotion relays a filling of fulfillment. In her own words – love is the basic ingredient; Do all things with love and your creation will be of the purest form. There is a magnificent feeling of fulfillment when seemingly nothing appears onto canvas an image from the soul.   More information about her style and her paintings.

Silk Paintings


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