The unique masterful works of Elizabeth Silk are spiritually inspired, spontaneous in creative direction, and ethereal in style. She calls it 'Emotion in Motion', portraying movement, passion, and sensuality. Love and compassion flow through all of her art, communicating deep emotion, enduring truths, and unspoken soul-felt words, evoking powerful and moving responses from everyone who casts eyes on her work. In her own words, 'Love is the basic ingredient; do all things with love and your creation will be of the purest form'.
Elizabeth’s Exhibitions
The Art and Symbolism of Elizabeth Silk The Art and Symbolism of Elizabeth Silk The Art and Symbolism of Elizabeth Silk
Periodically, Elizabeth will arrange public exhibitions of her art, where
originals and prints will be on display, and where she will also demonstrate
her skill & painting techniques while "working live" on new projects.  These
exhibitions are always open to the public, in easily-accessible locations
where locals and tourists alike typically visit or congregate.  In addition to
these individual events, Elizabeth’s work may also be featured in area art
galleries from time to time, and those locations are included here as well.
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  Opening Autumn 2006  —  The Art Barn, Flagstaff, Arizona  
  Opening Summer 2006  —  The Jerome Gallery, Jerome, Arizona  
  Opening October 2005  —  Golden Gecko Gallery, Hillside Sedona  
  September 17, 2005  —  Tlaquepaque, Sedona, Arizona